Since the camera’s started rolling, the Band Without Borders (BWB) crew and the Canadian band The Last Supper have toured 19 countries, traveled tens of thousands of miles, as they attempt to make history. The goal is to perform in 100 countries, setting a world record for the most countries ever performed in by a music group.

So far the touring for the BWB has been a success with many musical highlights, such as opening for Ministry in Paris, playing with Queensryche outside Amsterdam, performing at Download Festival in the U.K, Uriah Heep in Czech Republic, Best Festival in Romania, and also sharing the stage with the Allan Parsons Project in The Netherlands. Additionally, they were the first Canadian Rock Band to perform in Mozambique and Swaziland in Africa.

The biggest highlight so far has been playing at the base of The Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, a dream of the band since they first visited the pyramids in 2000. The BWB journey has produced unbelievable highs and lows while traveling to the various destinations. Logistical nightmares, financial struggles, and drama ensue as the band follows their dream to become the first musical group to perform in 100 countries. The BWB experience is enhanced by all of the fascinating people, culture and music the band members have encountered along the way.

Currently, The Last Supper are in the process of finalizing their new album and organizing their next big adventure, as they attempt to break the world record.